Friday, October 23, 2015

Oscar Emanuel Bluth - Tio Oscar

Yvonne, Uncle Oscar and Jacque (Vicki taking picture) 10-2015
Uncle Oscar (7th son of Oscar and Lucy Bluth) is 93 years old and still going strong in 2015!  He visits Aunt Marie in a care center (which is near his home) two times each day to feed her.  She prefers his cooking to the food at the care center, and when we visited them she refused to eat until he came in the afternoon with pork chops. 

Oscar is a true patriarch to his family, setting an example of goodness, love, obedience to gospel principles, and more than just enduring to the end - he is still serving strong in the Church! He teaches Spanish to couples who are called as Mission Presidents to Spanish-speaking missions (and taught Lothaire and Connie when they were called to serve in Chile).  He had taught 17 lessons on the week that we (Jacque, Yvonne and Vicki) had visited him and had already scheduled 7 for the following week. 

This past year (2015) Oscar's 4 sons took him home to Mexico to see all of the changes.  It was a beautiful, rainy and green year, so everything was perfect to enjoy.  In this picture they are standing with the "Pajarito" mountain in the background.
Uncle Oscar and Dennis in front.  Left to right are:
Oscar Allen, Gary and Brent

Oscar and Marie met while serving missions in Mexico City.  Oscar helped to take the first group of Hispanic/Mexican saints to the Mesa Temple.  When Oscar and Marie married they lived with Grandpa and Grandma in the big Bluth home, and later purchased their own home on the same block (through the fence).  He and Marie served couples missions in Spain, Guatemala and Mexico City after their children were raised.  They have 8 children, with 2 daughters (Sheri and Cindy) preceding them in death. 

I will post more of Uncle Oscar's story as soon as I receive it - but did not want to wait even one more day to HONOR this great man!  Thank you for your example of goodness!  We love you!

Oscar and Marie with Cindy in center front.  Back row from left to right are:
Gena, Vicki, Gary, Dennis, Oscar Allen, Brent and Sheri

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