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Letter from Lucy Macdonald Bluth to her son Lothaire Bluth on his Mission in Argentina

At Home in Colonia Dublan
January 22, 1930

My Dearest Boy (Lothaire/Bud):

We received your beautiful letter last evening and was Oh! so glad to hear from you. I am writing on the machine (typewriter) again because I can write more in less space and more legibly. I am so glad that you are well and I can tell that you are enjoying the Spirit of the Lord because your letters just radiate the spirit of the Gospel.  I hope you will keep right on the way you have started and keep up the good work. Then when you do come home you will be proud of your record. I am glad you are well and enjoying housework. Isn’t it fun to cook and iron etc. etc.? But then, you have to know all these things anyway so now is a good time to become expert. We enjoyed the snapshots so much. You seem to be well enough fed for you look more fleshy than when you left. The sisters must feed you well or else you are mighty fine cooks. You know most of the cooks cannot enjoy their own cooking but it seems that you do.  

Grandpa ACF Bluth is getting better after all. We thought surely he would not go on, but I guess his time had not come, because he seems to be improving but he will never be strong again. Grandma Bluth is feeble and can hardly get around, but when they move up by Aunt Ellen they will have more help. They sold their little home to Frank Romney, and Uncle Ollie (Bluth) and bought the Done and Moffett property and has traded with Frank Romney and now Ollie lives in the Done house and Frank lives in Ollie’s home. Quite a change isn’t it? Aunt Sophia (Bluth) was here this morning and I read her letter. She says to tell you that she prays for you every day and hopes you won’t forget her. She says she knows you are going to do fine for you always was a good boy. So write a line to her some times, poor old soul. 

Yes, Van Macdonald is married!!! I spent nearly all day yesterday up at the Municipio getting them married. Uncle Byron is here and they all came down and we were up there about four hours. After it was all over, we came down here to our house and had dinner and they went on up to Juarez. We expect to go up to Juarez to the farewell reception for them tonight. But Dad is sick with a bilious spell and he surely feels the bunk. But if he cannot go, the rest of us will go. Then on Saturday, Dad and I (just think) are taking them out to the Mesa Temple, and Van will find Brother Pratt there and be set apart for his mission. He does not know just what mission field he will be sent to, but somewhere in the Mexican Mission. Then we will bring Vilate home with us and she will go on teaching school. She and your Viva can sympathize, no?  

Little Lynden is standing here by me now. He wants to write, so here goes, qzxc xcbn dearr budn hello, I am getting big vgoodgye xcc x,,m bnns ssss  He is never satisfied. Maybe you can’t read it, but he thinks he is big. He is just laughing. He tries to talk and is surely cute. I am going to take him to Mesa with me and will get a big picture of him and Dad and send to you.  

Gayle and Oscar are breaking in some new little calves that we have in the corral. All the baby calves kick like the dickens for awhile until they get so tame they won’t buck. But Gayle can surely throw a wicked rope. He never misses either a foot or the head. But Lynden is our machinist. He just loves a pair of pliers and a wrench or two and he will work for hours on the car, going over every bolt and of all the positions he gets into!!! It is sure funny. But he takes it all seriously. Oh! there is a thousand and one things he does that are funny but can’t write them all. I wish he would stay this way until you come home, but he won’t. He will grow up and then they are not so cute.  

Mac and Lucy and Oscar are growing so fast. Flossie is as big as LaPrele. LaPrele and Flossie have the curliest hair you ever did see and it is so pretty. I am perfectly silly about it, because I always wanted a curley-headed baby. You have some might pretty sisters, if I do say it “as shouldn’t” I. Mac is a sheik now. He combs his hair and fixes up to kill. He is the beau of all the girls, they quarrel over him. Lucy is learning the piano quite well, but Mac hasn’t done much yet. But I want to keep him at it.  

Oh! but it is cold today. I feel like I was freezing now. I’ll bet you can hardly realize it, can you? But up in the states they are having so much sub-zero weather. In El Paso, the other day was the coldest in 55 years. Just think, and we read in the paper that Argentina was having extremely hot weather. But I expect we will have more snow if this cold spell keeps up long. I am sure we are going to have a fine year this year for crops, because we have so much water now, and prospect of more. Wheat crops look fine, but some are a little late on account of too much moisture. 

Well, the second semester of school has started and the poor kids surely do have grief with the old bus. It is broke about half of the time. Roy T. has charge of keeping it in repair and you know what that means, don’t you? Dad wouldn’t have charge of it, because he did not have you to run it for him and he couldn’t afford to keep it fixed up for Taylor kids to break up. So it is on the ragged edge of nowhere all the time. My car has had to go up so much lately that I believe it thinks you are home again, Ha! Ha! Ha! I wish you were home again. 

Dad has the wheat almost all in now for which I am thankful, for it seemed that he would be awfully late planting it because of too much wet. I’ll bet there is a lot of snow in the mountains because it has been snowing the last few days again. All that does us lots of good about May, do you remember? Viva was down last Sunday evening and ate enchiladas with us for Dad’s birthday, January 19th. Did you think of it? We thought of you and wished you were here to eat some with us. Do you ever get or see enchiladas? I wonder!  

We had another fine Stake Union Meeting on Sunday afternoon and it is a great benefit in carrying on the work of the Stake. Brother Call says he just hasn’t had time to answer your nice letter to him because he has been so busy with his yearly Bishop’s report, but intends to write soon.
Well, Dear kid, I guess I will have to close as I cannot think of much more news to tell you. But I hope you will continue to be encouraged and that God will protect you and the other missionaries in health and wisdom to perform your labors and duties with vigor and strength. You have our most sincere prayers and I hope you will get along with your cooking, etc. in fine shape. 

Oh yes, I am writing right now about the books you want so that you can judge about when to expect them. Much love and kisses to you from every one of the kids and hoping that you receive the snaps of us soon. We are devouring your snaps for yours looks so natural. Be good and be happy and may God bless and preserve you in Faith, and let us know whenever you need books or anything and we will try and sent it to you.

Your Dad and Mother (Oscar and Lucy)


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