Sunday, February 3, 2013

Uncle Chato's Funeral - a Grand Family Gathering

The Arizona funeral services in Gilbert, Arizona for Uncle Gayle "Chato" Bluth was a beautiful family gathering and a grand celebration of a life well-lived.  Gayle and Ora's 5 children all gave tender, informative and uplifting talks, speaking of their father's high principles of living, his strong work ethics, his love of farming and ranching, his dedication to God and his family, his incredible basketball talents (for which he was known throughout Mexico), his love of Pacheco, and his humble, simple ways.  One story that Alexander (Bobe) told was a few years ago when Chato was being inducted into the Hall of Fame (and didn't want to go, not wanting a fuss to be made over him), he was finally dragged there, with his old team mates as the bait.  When he walked into the huge arena, the entire crowd stood, applauding, in recognition of his high achievements representing the country of Mexico throughout his basketball career.  His son-in-law, Corey King, sang, accompanied by Lucy.  Cinnamon Tutt Dove (grandaughter) sang "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked", a song that Chato loved and sang often.  Family, extended family and Colony friends gathered for a luncheon, prior to Chato's family driving to Mexico for a funeral in the Dublan Ward Chapel.
Grandsons (help me identify them please)

Buried in the Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico cemetary
Chato liked things simple, he loved this soil of Mexico, and asked to be buried near his parents' graves.

Ora, her 2 daughters (Yvonne and Lucy) and all girl grandaughters

Gayle (Tito), Margie and children

Genetics are strong in the Bluth family, and so are qualities of commitment, hard work, overcoming, education, and faith in God and His divine Plan.  Bluths LOVE gathering together!  We are still blessed to have Aunt Flossie and Uncle Oscar with us from the 9 original Oscar and Lucy Bluth children. 

Oscar Emmanuel (uncle), Oscar Daniel, Jerry and Larry Bluth (brothers - Lothaire "Bud's" sons)

Lunt Sisters - LaRee (Lynden Bluth), Ora (Gayle Bluth) and Sylvia (Evans Heywood)
Aunt Ora was supported by her Lunt family in attendance, Gary & Lorie, Sylvia and Evans, LaRee and Dale, and many nieces and nephews.

Sylvia, LaRee, Dale Shaw, Evans, Gary, Lorie, Shane Lunt

Cousins - Yvonne, Vicki, Jacque, Renee and Bonnie


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  1. I was very sorry to hear of Chato's passing, and my condolences went out to the family, though I hadn't a way to express that until now. My great-aunt Carolyn W. Lunt told me about his passing.

    My father, Bill Wagner (Col Dublan) played basketball with Chato and I heard Chato's name mentioned many times, always in a positive and acclaimed way. My dad loved him. They played in the Pan American games and the Olympics together. I have photos of them on the same team. I recognized the name and his pictures (along with Evans and Sylvia Heywoods, whose Christmas cards we always received when I was younger) when I was looking for pictures/images of Colonias Juarez/Dublan online.

    We all have a great heritage for being decendants of stalwart Latter-day Saints from the Mormon Colonies. I hope we continue to honor it through the lives we live. I look forward to meeting so many people in the hereafter, which I wish I had had the opportunity to get to know in this life.


    Teri Wagner Nine
    Daughter of Bill and Claire Wagner